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Leaders in leadership, innovation, conservation and education.

Most young people entering high school in 2014 will be employed in careers that do not exist today. The average person will be employed in ten or more different occupations during the course of his or her working life. Exploiting the exciting opportunities presented by the twenty- first millennium forces us to embark upon a challenging path of never-ending transformation. Education as we know it is out-dated and addresses the challenges of yesterday.

Afritracks education and training will help transform you, whatever your age, education or experience, into a red-blooded leader capable of intercepting and catching the curved balls directed at you by life. We take our lessons from the Universe, Nature and the history of mankind.

Upon completion of the Aftritracks education process you will have earned three certificates. One issued by CATHSSETA confirming the legality of your qualification; the second awarded by FGASA proving you have met their demanding standards and a third from Afritracks confirming you have the attitude, commitment and drive to be successful at whatever you choose to do.

Afritracks’ success is driven by our values: